Hypnosis in South Africa (this site) is founded to be a resource hub for development and support of the hypnosis and hypnotherapy community of South Africa.

Launched in April 2012 (originally, South African Hypnosis Network) with the primary mission of making hypnosis related knowledge easily accessible.

We have an ever growing selection of hypnosis resources and curations.

Hypnosis in the Press

South Africa’s Hypnosis Professionals are amongst the world leaders in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Many of our best appear in the Press and various media quite often. Visit Our Press Portal.

Hypnosis in SA Facebook Group

The Hypnosis in South Africa Facebook Group is for all hypnosis and hypnotherapy related discussions. This group is also the largest and most active group of its kind in Africa with over five hundred members. Visit Our Facebook Group.

Find A Hypnotist

Hypnosis in South Africa has also developed a specialised directory of hypnosis professionals for the general public to find. The first of and most popular of its kind. Visit Find A Hypnotist.

Hypnosis Articles

We publish regular information for the hypnosis and hypnotherapy community in the form of online articles that will help develop, nurture, support and provide ongoing education. Here are a few of our earlier articles: